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SHOWstudio - Fergadelic

Fergadelic animation

(Fergadelic animation)

Fergadelic - BIG ASS

(Fergadelic - BIG ASS)

Fergadelic - They wear 'em like this in Vegas

(Fergadelic - They wear 'em like this in Vegas)

Assorted illustrations from Fergadelic

(Assorted illustrations from Fergadelic)

SHOWstudio - Fergadelic - December 2000

Fergus Purcell is an illustrator who styles the aesthetic of his work to resemble that of his favourite pop culture influences of The Ramones, The Runaways, The MC5 and the artwork of Jack Kirkby, Moebius and Guido Crepax.

The animation was art directed by Paul Hetherington and initially keyframed by Samuel Roberts. I brought it all together with ActionScript and added the audio which is by Duck Hair Back and Lady Ninotchka.

You can view the animation here:


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