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Fellini - Typeface

Fellini - Typeface - ciao!

(Fellini - Typeface - ciao!)

Fellini - Typeface - Federico Fellini

(Fellini - Typeface - Federico Fellini)

Fellini - Typeface - them

(Fellini - Typeface - them)

Fellini - Typeface - a to q

(Fellini - Typeface - a to q)

Fellini - Typeface - June 2017

I have to admit, this typeface design is not a completely unique creation. In 2016, I saw a poster in italy, took a photo and then tried to locate the tyepface online. I couldnt find it, so I re-created the above from scratch. Subsequently, I have found out that the original type was designed by someone called Jan Horčik. Who you can find out more about here: 

http://www.heavyweight.cz/ & http://janhorcik.tumblr.com/

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