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Ethos - Stationery

Ethos - Stationery - All Stationery

(Ethos - Stationery - All Stationery)

Ethos - Stationery - Business Cards

(Ethos - Stationery - Business Cards)

Ethos - Stationery - Compliment Slip

(Ethos - Stationery - Compliment Slip)

Ethos - Stationery - Letterhead

(Ethos - Stationery - Letterhead)

Ethos - Stationery - New custom type 'Think Unified' strap-line

(Ethos - Stationery - New custom type 'Think Unified' strap-line)

Ethos - Stationery - May 2014

May, 2014. Visual identity and communication concept for Ethos — a communications company specialising in Voice, Data and Documents. The assignment includes units such as: logotype and all stationery including: letterhead, compliment slip, and business cards. All featuring the new custom type 'Think Unified' strap-line.

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