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Being Brave - Advert

Being Brave - Advert - The book

(Being Brave - Advert - The book)

Being Brave - Advert - Scary

(Being Brave - Advert - Scary)

Being Brave - Advert - Injections

(Being Brave - Advert - Injections)

Being Brave - Advert - Key points

(Being Brave - Advert - Key points)

Being Brave - Advert - Call to action

(Being Brave - Advert - Call to action)

(Watch 'Being Brave' Advert)

Being Brave - Advert - November 2016

Sometimes life can be a little bit scary. But don't worry - by being brave - you'll see some scary things are not quite so scary, after all. A book for children everywhere by Jeremy Hinds & Andrew Warwick.

Illustration & Animation by Warwicka
Voices: Lily Warwick, Joel Foottit & Ed Wright 

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