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Arup - Lighting - Video

Arup - Lighting - Video - Title screen

(Arup - Lighting - Video - Title screen)

Arup - Lighting - Video - Storyboard

(Arup - Lighting - Video - Storyboard)

(Arup - Lighting - Video)

Arup - Lighting - Video - June 2011

Arup are an global and independent firm of designers, planners, engineers, consultants and technical specialists offering a broad range of professional services. They commisioned me to produce this 3 minute movie for their architectural lighting design department. Based on a concept of the Art, Science, and Character of Lighting. The video includes some of Arup's world class projects such as their work on the YAS island, Prada LA and NYC stores and for the BBC. Read more about Arup here. http://www.arup.com/lighting Bespoke music for this piece was produced by Rhys Morris. http://www.rhysmorris.co.uk

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