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Adam Kay - Turkey

Adam Kay - Turkey - Doctor Adam Kay

(Adam Kay - Turkey - Doctor Adam Kay)

Adam Kay - Turkey - Numpty

(Adam Kay - Turkey - Numpty)

Adam Kay - Turkey - Wraps arm with foil

(Adam Kay - Turkey - Wraps arm with foil)

Adam Kay - Turkey - Warps head

(Adam Kay - Turkey - Warps head)

Adam Kay - Turkey - Mouth

(Adam Kay - Turkey - Mouth)

Adam Kay - Turkey - Party

(Adam Kay - Turkey - Party)

Adam Kay - Turkey - Ryvita

(Adam Kay - Turkey - Ryvita)

Adam Kay - Turkey - Intravenous rehydration

(Adam Kay - Turkey - Intravenous rehydration)

(Watch - Turkey)

Adam Kay - Turkey - October 2020

Since 2017, Andrew has been working with Pan Macmillan and British comedy writer Adam Kay on animated diary entries of the million-copy bestselling 'This is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor'.

The short films, although very simple, are always well received and have been included within nominations for a number of publishing industry marketing awards.

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